Use Google Business Photos to show the inside of your store

This is a brand new product from Google which is not yet available in all countries. It is tremendously exciting in terms of good website design. It’s called Google Business Photos and it’s also linked to Google Maps.

Just as Google Street View shows the outside of your store, Google Business Photos shows the INSIDE of your store in 360 degree imagery.

When this service launches in your city it is a MUST HAVE for any website which promotes a store or product which is linked to a physical location.

Here we can see inside a guitar shop…

In terms of good webdesign, this is a must have combination:

  • Google Maps showing how to get from a highway to your store location
  • Google Street View showing the street and environment – creating a sense familiarity
  • Google Business Photos showing the inside of your store and the variety of products you have – creating an allure to encourage customers to get in their car and make the trip to you

These three products are a must have in good web design.

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