B&B website designs

In my last post I share two success stories. Today I will share another design which had a very good reception by the customer.

This is Pine Cottage B&B:

Pine Cottage B&B

I love the “friendly” nature of this page.

Design and SEO considerations:

  • In the feature area (the green band across the top) has three images which show the accommodation clearly. This means customers don’t have to hunt around the site but immediately get to see what they searched for. These images are neatly feathered alongside each other and the blue band draws the visitors eyes to this feature area. The image at the bottom of the page also gives the site an “African” feel.
  • On the left in the menu bar area we provide instant and basic information about the B&B. More detailed information is provided on other pages. This overview is provided so that visitors can begin to make a snap decision.
  • When the visitor is ready to make an enquiry the email and telephone number is always available in the top-right hand corner of all of the pages.
  • The use of three flowers creates a “friendly” atmosphere for the visitor with one of the flowers “peeking out” from behind the feature area.
  • This site has been registered with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster, Yahoo SiteExplorer and other related services.

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