Target the right phrases using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Some time ago I helped a customer who had an existing tourism site. We naturally assumed that targetting the geo-location and the word “tourism” would be suffient. So for example “tourism in cape town”.

Later I went to the Google AdWords Keyword External Tool and found out exactly how many people do local and international searches for the two phrases

  • “tourism” in cape town
  • “accommodation” in cape town

The first one focusses on tourism and seems to be a close match to their actual business… which falls under the category of tourism.

But in fact the second phrase using the word “accommodation” is by far the more popular search term – as you will see below in the screenshots.

Tips for using the tool

The key thing is to do research NOT on what YOU think people are searching for, but to use the Google AdWords Keyword External Tool to find out what they actually ARE searching for.

Here are 3 tips for using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool…

Tip #1: Make sure you set the filters correctly to get the data for the right country

Google AdSense Keyword Tool External

Tip #2: Order the results by the number of searches so that you can view the most searched for phrase

Order Adsense keywords by searches

Tip #3: You can download the data for use in OpenOffice or MS Office

Download the AdSense keywords

Geo-targeting can be very important

I add in the geo-location in order to cut down on visitors that are unrelated.

Let me illustrate: I once had a client who told me he was getting 15,000 daily visitors but no one was buying his health products. He was getting tons of visitors for the wrong reasons, because he had a reseller program on his site. Anyone could “make money from home” selling his health products. So people were visiting because of his work from home business, not because they wanted to buy his health products.

Using these tips above, you have enough information to be able to target visitors who you were not reaching before. If you have the time to do all of this, that’s great! If you don’t have the time but you are looking to work with a partner to do this kind of work for you, please contact me.

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