Orchard Corner Success Story

As before I explained to the client that his first customer is Google. If Google “buys” then the world will know he exists and they will get a chance to see his page and buy from him. If Google and other search engines don’t “buy” then he is lost on the second and third pages of the search engine results.

So we made a list of his products and figured out his target market. We create a page for each opportunity. You can see the list of links below…

So how did we do?

For the phrases that we targeted we are coming second (today: 27 October 2011), see the image below…

We rank 2nd on our keyword phrase that we targetted

They also have a very rich listing… take note that we have registered in Google Maps, made a Facebook page, a YouTube video, submitted that video to Facebook… all of this results in a rich listing. The result is that the listing takes up the whole visible area of the page, visibly removing the distraction of other competing websites.

Orchard Corner rich listing takes up the whole page!

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