Vacuum Pumps success story

For any small business to grow you need to come top or near the top of the Google rankings. I explain it to clients this way… Google is your first client, if they don’t buy from you then no one else will even know you exist.

Here is a client: Vacuum Pumps which we launched last week.

We built one page per product… I have highlighted the links to the pages in the image below…

If you aren’t on the front page, you won’t get the business – it’s that simple.

How did we do? Do his products rank well in search engine results for Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo?

Summary of the report

Out of 81 product pages in the 3 major search engines

  • 50 product pages are on the front page of the engine – 61% success
  • 10 are 1st in the results for their keyword – 12% success
  • 27 are in the top 3 results for their keyword – 33% success

The full report is available for download

The report is available in two formats: PDF and Microsoft Excel. The date of the report is 29 Jan 2012.

 larger in download size

 smaller in download size

PLEASE NOTE:  Any keyword which is highlighted in red is ranking 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In green is 10 or under… which is still on the front page.

Right away, just one week later, we are ranking 1st on all the keywords that we have targeted… and what is amazing is that our pages rank ABOVE the original manufacturers pages. That is probably because of localization. If the search was done in Germany the manufacturer’s site would come higher than ours.  (NOTE: Ignore the first three lines, they are Google Ads)

1st... even above the manufacturer!

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