Google Authorship

For a while Facebook looked like it was going to win everything. Microsoft even bought a small %. But Google launched Google+ and now the game is completely changing. For a while it looked like the world was defocussing on search and refocussing on social media.

Google+ is about to enable unprecedented personalization of search results and the focus is going to fall back onto searches.

For a while SEO was entirely about ranking, because people only clicked the highest result – assuming that it is the one with the highest credibility. But take a look at this search result in the image below. The 4th item is visually rich and therefore gives an impression of credibility. It is far more likely to be clicked than the items above  it.

Which search result creates the impression of credibility and will result in the most click throughs?

The data for this richness comes from Google+ and from the Google +1 button clicks on your content. Now your content on your website feeds directly across into Google+ and then creates the above effect for your search results.

To sign up for this, get a Google+ account, then join the Google Authorship program and modify the code on your website so that your authorship details are placed on your pages. Make sure you have the  Google +1 button on all of your content.

Or. Hire us.

Google+ and the authorship project is going to have a phenomenal impact on the content which is created on the internet every 60 seconds.

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