Real SERP rankings for a client on Google, Bing and Yahoo

This is a two part post

Every website designer says they do a great job. Each and every one of them.

I go further and make the claim that my clients become busy after I build a website for them. I back up my claim by inviting potential new clients to contact my past clients.

Now let me show you a past client and where his products rank in Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. They make butchery equipment. Most of his products rank in the top 3 results and almost all the rest are on the front page.

The report is available in two formats: PDF and Microsoft Excel. The date of the report is today – 29 Jan 2012.

Summary of the report

Out of 205 product pages in the 3 major search engines

  • 181 product pages are on the front page of the engine – 88% success
  • 56 are 1st in the results for their keyword – 25% success
  • 121 are in the top 3 results for their keyword – 59% success

The full report is available for download

 larger in download size

 smaller in download size

PLEASE NOTE:  Any keyword which is highlighted in red is ranking 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In green is 10 or under… which is still on the front page.

Scroll down the list of keywords and take note of

  1. How many pages are highlighted in red
  2. How very few pages do NOT have a highlight

When you choose someone to build a website to promote your company’s products… make sure they have a track record of getting their past clients onto the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We do.

If you aren’t on the front page, you won’t get the business – it’s that simple.

Contact us and let us build you a website which grows your business!

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