Great quotes from clients…

This is a quote from a client… the message title was “YOUR EXTRA SPECIAL JOB”. I had previously contacted him and offered some more innovations to increase his visitors even more and he declined saying he had all the clients he could handle.

Hi Mark

I must say that I am thrilled with our web site. Thank you for all the time and expertise that you have put into it. I am sure that it will now work even better for us.

Best wishes,
Ron and Shirley
Orchard Corner B&B, Cape Town

Another of our clients is a butchery equipment client.

We built their site late last year and this year I’ve been emailing them to let them know about their visitor stats – see below – and I got no reply. Eventually I got this reply…

Good Morning Mark,

Not ignoring you intentionally, promise. Have been extremely busy. We have had up to yesterday lunch time 18 machines brought in for repairs and everyone is urgent.

Have plenty feedback from the website. Besides the calls in to the office for small spares/machines have had requests for quotes on machines from Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. Only problem is they want the quotes in Us $. Not easy to do with the exchange rate being what it is. Anyway we shall prevail.


Ha! They were so busy with orders that they could not reply. Bingo… job done!

From Belinda…

Hi Mark

Thanks yes very happy. Feel free to forward anyone onto me who wants a reference.


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