Direct Marketing company comes second in results

I was hired by Belinda at K&B Direct to help them get better positioned in the SERPS.

I did some research on what the most used phrases are when clients typically do a search for a company like hers. Then after discussions we decided that I would target the keyword/phrase: “direct marketing advertising agency

Today I sent Belinda this email…

2direct marketing advertising agency

I think that email says it all.

Belinda says: Hi Mark. Thanks yes very happy. Feel free to forward anyone onto me who wants a reference.

If you want assistance in getting new clients by having a top ranking in search engine results then contact me:

Automatic delivery

I also implemented automatic delivery of their new content to fb and twitter. What that means is… if they write new content onto their website it is automatically submitted to their twitter and facebook as well… no need to manually submit it yourself.

fb auto submit kb Direct

Here is their design

K B   Direct Marketing Advertising Agency

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