Recommended WordPress Plugins (updated)

This is an update to Best wordpress plugins

Important plugins to be aware of…

Keyword suggest tool

Core Control

Artisteer – for complete control over all aspects of design… the wordpress template is generated based on the WYSIWYG design you create in the application.

Supersized 3.2 – FULLSCREEN BACKGROUND Slideshow jQuery Plugin – Important options. Set “autoplay: 0”, the image only changes on button click. Set “horizontal_center: 1”, to set the image at the center of the browser. Set a title in a descending order.

For tracking clients SERP (search engine results page) rankings

Before doing any upgrades or risky changes, make sure you backup WP – files and DB

  • WP Complete Backup – backup AND restore (most only have backup). Also includes remote restore with api key and ip address limitations.

  • XClone appears to work extremely well

Set up your robots.txt immediately after you register your domain name, otherwise Google will index the site before it is ready. In WP it’s a hassle to upload a file, you have to use ftp.

#This code below was created by Google Webmaster Tools…

User-agent: *

Disallow: /feed/

Disallow: /trackback/

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Disallow: /wp-content/

Disallow: /wp-includes/

Disallow: /xmlrpc.php

Disallow: /wp-

Allow: /


  • WP-DBManager – WordPress Database Manager easily allows you to edit and modify the database tables.

  • WP-Optimize – This helps to cleanup and optimize database and blog structure. It helps to remove unnecessary post revisions

  • wp-filemanager – adds ftp directly into wp, useful for adding and editing robots.txt files etc.

Plugins we use as standard

  • Google+ Author Information in Search Results (Free Version) – Replaces the author link with your Google+ Profile Link or adds a special link after every blogpost
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – This makes provision for Google Webmaster Tools, Bing and Alexa, titles, XML sitemaps and much more

  • Google Analytics for WordPress – Although Jetpack has an inbuilt stats feature, Google Analytics has much more features

  • Statpress Visitors (StatPressV) – Good stats tracker (or Wassup) avoids the JetPack problem of hosting your data in the cloud and making you login all the time. (best? WP Slimstat and WP SlimStat Dashboard Widgets)

  • Enhanced Recent Posts – A plugin for wordpress which enhances the built-in “Recent Posts” widget. Displays posts in a specific category. Always useful. Replaces the standard recent posts plugin. (buggy?)

  • Advanced Code Editor – Better CSS editing with structure and colour and ajax saving (no page reloading) INCLUDES VERSIONING of file being edited!

  • Simple contact form by Gopi R – Simple contact form plug-in provides a simple Ajax based contact form on your wordpress website side bar. User entered details are stored into database and at the same time admin will get email notification regarding the new entry. Email newsletter by Gopi R emails the names you collect in the DB – see below.

Plugins we often use

  • Simply Exclude – Provides an interface to selectively exclude/include categories, tags and page from the 4 actions used by WordPress. is_front, is_archive, is_search, is_feed.

  • Add Linked Images To Gallery By Randy Hunt – Examines the text of a post and makes local copies of all the images linked though IMG tags, adding them as gallery attachments on the post itself. This is useful if you copied and pasted a lot of pages from another site.

  • WPLOOK Twitter Follow Button – To find a twitter ID use this

  • Social Media Mashup – all the social sites in one mashup

  • Display widgets – Adds checkboxes to each widget to show or hide on site pages.  (buggy?)

  • Per Page Widgets – Control widget areas on a per-page / per-post basis. – Gives you the ability to show or hide individual widget areas on each page / post as well as completely substituting the widgets shown in a specific widget area on a specific page or post. (buggy?)

  • Per Page Sidebars

  • WordPress Font Uploader Free – A custom font upload plugin for WordPress allowing you to use any font anywhere you wish.

  • Vertical Menu

  • Special Text Boxes
  • Simple Page Ordering – Order your pages and hierarchical post types using drag and drop on the built in page list.

Date and Time Plugins

  • WP Scheduled Themes – Do you have a special theme you’d like to display on New Year’s Day?

  • Auto Future Date – you can tell it to publish a post between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. anywhere from one day from the last published post on the site to five days from the last published post on the site. This is good for bloggers who write a lot of posts at once but then want to space them out.

  • Date/Time Now Button

  • Hetjens Expiration Date

  • Automatic Page Publish / Expire

Sliders Plugins

  • — The best part about SlideDeck is it DOES NOT require coding knowledge for one to use it. Multiple Content Sources – Pull content from your posts, twitter, youtube, RSS, and bunch of other places. Custom Layouts – Want an image on one slide, video on the next, and simple text on the other? SlideDeck lets you do that with custom layouts for each slide. HTML Slides – You can even use HTML in your slides to make it more powerful.

  • Supersized 3.2 – FULLSCREEN BACKGROUND Slideshow jQuery Plugin – Important options. Set “autoplay: 0”, the image only changes on button click. Set “horizontal_center: 1”, to set the image at the center of the browser. Set a title in a descending order.

Even more plugins we sometimes might use

  • One-Click Child Theme plugin so that when a theme is upgraded your changes are preserved, because the child theme is not upgraded. IMPORTANT! If you use this, you must make the child BEFORE making CSS changes. The child is blank with no changes.

  • Drag & Drop File Uploader – adds a droppable area under the post editor for uploading files/images for that specific post.

  • bbPress – facebook in a PLUGIN for WP

  • SimplePress if you need a discussion forum

  • News SEO – News SEO module for the WordPress SEO plugin creates XML News Sitemaps for your WordPress blog, including images

  • Email newsletter by Gopi R – Sometimes you want an easy way to e-mail all the people who registered using Simple contact form, commented on the website, now it’s as easy as installing this plug-in. Uses contacts in the DB collected by Simple Contact Form, see above.

  • Admin Menu Tree Page View By Pär Thernström – Get a tree view of all your pages directly in the admin menu. Search, edit, view and add pages – all with just one click away!

  • WP-PageNavi – nicer previous next page navigation

  • Members – A user, role, and content management plugin that makes WordPress a more powerful CMS.

Other plugins worth looking at

Better editors

  • Advanced Code Editor – Better CSS editing with structure and colour, ajax search and saving (no page reloading) I ALWAYS USE THIS
  • CKEditor – plugin for CKEditor

  • Ultimate TinyMCE By Josh Lobe – Beef up your visual tinymce editor with a plethora of advanced options: Google Fonts, Emoticons, Tables, Styles, Advanced links, images, and drop-downs, too many features to list.

Rich snippets

  • Author hReview – this is really good and easy. You need to add the google authorship code in the website as well.

Great themes

Inspirational designs

Must have plugins list


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