Direct Marketing company comes second in results

I was hired by Belinda at K&B Direct to help them get better positioned in the SERPS.

I did some research on what the most used phrases are when clients typically do a search for a company like hers. Then after discussions we decided that I would target the keyword/phrase: “direct marketing advertising agency

Today I sent Belinda this email…

2direct marketing advertising agency

I think that email says it all.

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Google Authorship

For a while Facebook looked like it was going to win everything. Microsoft even bought a small %. But Google launched Google+ and now the game is completely changing. For a while it looked like the world was defocussing on search and refocussing on social media.

Google+ is about to enable unprecedented personalization of search results and the focus is going to fall back onto searches.

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Enlarge your online business

Maybe you have a website already but you want more sales from it. This is what you need to know… this how you get more customers through your website.

If Google loves your website, then it proudly displays your website on it’s front page results. If Google doesn’t love you, no one will know you exist. I they can’t see you, then they can’t visit you and buy from you.

You need Google to love your website – and that’s what we do for you.

Please read our 6 page PDF document (500kb in download size) which explains in down to earth language what it is that we do and why we are so very successful. Simply click the PDF link below…

 Our Approach (Version 2)

After reading this document please view our client list, visit their sites and contact one or two of them, asking them if they

Using the Facebook Like Box iFrame code

This is a description of implementing the Facebook Like Box on a client site…

Here is an example of a client website which uses the Facebook Like Box social plugin. I have pointed out the Like Box plugin with a red arrow…

Facebook "Facepile" social plugin

Visually, it fits in very neatly and I think it adds to the page.

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