Recommended WordPress Plugins (updated)

This is an update to Best wordpress plugins

Important plugins to be aware of…

Keyword suggest tool

Core Control

Artisteer – for complete control over all aspects of design… the wordpress template is generated based on the WYSIWYG design you create in the application.

Supersized 3.2 – FULLSCREEN BACKGROUND Slideshow jQuery Plugin – Important options. Set “autoplay: 0”, the image only changes on button click. Set “horizontal_center: 1”, to set the image at the center of the browser. Set a title in a descending order.

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Best wordpress plugins

For tracking clients SERP (search engine results page) rankings

Before doing any upgrades or risky changes, make sure you backup WP – files and DB

  • WP Complete Backup – backup AND restore (most only have backup). Also includes remote restore with api key and ip address limitations.

Set up your robots.txt immediately after you register your domain name, otherwise Google will index the site before it is ready. In WP it’s a hassle to upload a file, you have to use ftp.

  • wp-filemanager – adds ftp directly into wp, useful for adding and editing robots.txt files etc.

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